5 Uses for Artificial Grass in 2022

Artificial grass’s minimal upkeep, perpetual vibrancy, and savings in time and money have led to a recent surge in its popularity among homeowners. Numerous homeowners have reached out to us at Enviro Surface Solutions to learn more about the various applications of artificial grass in their homes. The current drought conditions have made a natural green lawn an unattainable dream.

5 Uses for Artificial Grass

Here are five places homeowners commonly use artificial grass in residential settings:

1. Play Areas

Play areas get heavy use, and the grass may not be able to sustain such use if it is left to grow naturally. Play areas can quickly become large dust bowls or murky nightmares due to this combination, the scorching heat, and frequent downpours. There will be less of a need to record playing incidents and injuries if artificial grass is used. That’s because high-quality modern artificial grasses have been treated with the latest technology. That way, if a child trips and falls, they won’t hurt themselves as much as they would have on actual grass.

2. Backyard Putting Greens

Artificial grass is commonly used for putting greens in both homes and businesses since it is low maintenance, always looks great, and can be used for various sports. You won’t have to wait for days for the ground to dry out after a rainstorm, and you won’t have to bring wet grass and mud into the house on your shoes when you come in from practice. Also, you’ll have more options for placement when you choose synthetic turf for your backyard putting green.

3. Surfaces For Dogs and Pets

Many pet owners may relate to the challenges of keeping a natural grass lawn looking good when you also have a dog wandering about. Unfortunately, a lawn with brown spots isn’t very aesthetically pleasing. After a rainstorm, your actual lawn may as well be a mud bath if you let your dog roll about in it. Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular among dog owners for these and other reasons. Having artificial grass installed that drains well makes for a safer and more convenient space for dogs to run about in while also reducing the amount of upkeep required by their owners.

4. Backyard Sports Surfaces

Many homeowners opt for artificial grass when it comes to backyard sports surfaces for games like soccer and cricket. One advantage of artificial turf is that it eliminates the tripping hazard present in natural grass. It’s less work to maintain, stays clean even after rain, and can be used for an impromptu game whenever you choose. The inherent drainage properties of our grasses help provide a nonslip surface.

5. Patios and Balconies

Adding vegetation and furniture can change the feel of otherwise unusable concrete patios and balconies. Synthetic grass is also a great flooring option for a balcony. It’s flexible enough to be trimmed to fit any area, comfortable to walk on, easy to maintain and clean, and, with some potted plants or flower boxes, can breathe new life into an urban setting.

As you can see, there will be many different uses of artificial grass in 2022. For more information about our artificial grass installations, call Enviro Surface Solutions at 0439 739 313 or drop us a line through this Online Form.