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On this page, we have tried to include all the commonly asked questions to help you determine which artificial grass suits your requirement. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for here, please do call us for more details.


Artificial Grass FAQ: 15+ Things You Need to Know

Can You Lay An Artificial Lawn On Sloping Ground ?

Our synthetic grasses can be put on the majority of slopes. Please aware, however, that sand fill might shift on steep slopes with heavy rains. On these slopes, a non-filled artificial lawn would be optimal.

Is An Artificial Lawn Suitable For Both Kids And Pets?

Yes. Our grasses work well in gardens that are heavily utilised. There are fake grasses that are perfect for pets, children, and many applications. Please refer to our website for further information.

Is artificial lawn harsh on the skin?

No. Our collection of synthetic lawns, unlike earlier fake grasses, is comprised of gentle polyethene fibres which will not scratch young skin.

Can water seep through artificial grass ?

Yes. Artificial grass is permeable, with holes in the backing that allow for easy drainage.

Is it possible to do a DIY installation of an Artificial Lawn?

Yes. Anyone with basic DIY abilities can easily install a new artificial lawn by following our straightforward installation instructions.

Does Enviro Surface Solutions offer an artificial lawn installation service?

Yes. We have a staff of installation specialists that are skilled in our products and consistently provide great installations.

Does Artificial Grass Need Maintenance?

Yes. Although artificial grass requires far less upkeep than natural grass, it still requires basic care. To maintain the grass looking its best, twigs and other debris must be cleaned often. Occasionally, your grass may require a quick hose-down.

How long does an artificial lawn last?

Depending on maintenance and wear and tear, synthetic grass can survive for years. For example, artificial grass on a heavily utilised sports field will last around ten years. In a more relaxed setting, such as a residential garden, this duration may increase by up to double. 

Do you cover your artificial grass products with guarantees?

Yes. Our grasses come with a ten-year warranty, so you can be confident that your great lawn will last.

Is artificial grass eco-friendly?

Yes. Artificial grass does not require watering as natural grass does. Furthermore, artificial fertilisers and poisonous weed killers are unnecessary. Additionally, you may lower your carbon footprint by eliminating the need to mow the grass every weekend.

Does artificial grass fade?

No. All of our artificial grass products are UV resistant, so they will not fade. Your grass will retain its original crispness and verdant appearance for many years.

Can I install artificial grass on my deck?

Our synthetic grasses may certainly be installed on decks. However, it is crucial to ensure that your deck is in good shape and that the space between decking planks is less than 1 cm. 

Can I Use My BBQ On My Artificial lawn?

Never expose fake grass to an open flame or barbeque; similarly, barbecues and heaters should never be put on artificial grass. When fake grass is subjected to fire or exceptionally high temperatures, it may melt. Its best to place your BBQ directly on a paved or tiled deck or patio.

What is the suitable pile height?

If you want your fake grass to appear its best, we suggest choosing a pile length between 30mm and 45mm. Anything longer than this may result in a level surface that looks less than ideal. Additionally, maintaining your grass at this length makes it easy to manage.

Which Areas Can I Use Artificial Grass In?

Artificial grass surfaces may be utilised for a variety of purposes outside home gardening. You may use artificial grass if you want an all-weather artificial sports pitch, are searching for a method to make your exhibit stand out, or just want to uplift your backyard’s appearance.

Are You Able To Provide Artificial Grass Samples?

Yes, we highly encourage to request you to do so! You can obtain samples of our artificial grass through our site, allowing you to select the surface that best meets your requirements. We provide samples to our clients because we feel this is a good business practice, ensuring that they know precisely what they are purchasing.

Can You Put a Trampoline on Artificial Grass?

In short, the answer is yes. As long as the trampoline’s legs, or the legs of any other heavy item, are not sharp, your artificial grass will stay in good condition. Nonetheless, you must guarantee that the sub-base beneath the artificial turf surface has been installed properly to prevent the trampoline from leaving a permanent impression after lengthy use. A thicker subbase and intensive compaction can prevent this even if you place extremely heavy objects!