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Here at Enviro Surface Solutions, not only do we specialise in standard artificial turf and rubber soft fall installations, but we are also highly experienced in the design, manufacture and installation of a wide-range of unique, custom-made commercial surfacing solutions using these materials, and others.

Our custom-made products are sought after by schools, childcare centres and daycare centres, as they capture the imagination, and encourage interactive play. While educational institutions make up the bulk of our custom manufactured surfacing clientele, we also cater to any other type of organisation or business. 

Our custom manufacturing capabilities range far and wide, and we love a design challenge. If you have an unusual idea, or something complex, or large-scale, that you’re not sure is doable, get in touch to find out.   

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Enviro Surface Solutions custom made commercial installation

What types of Custom-Made Surfacing can we make? 

A better question might be, what CAN’T we make? 

Some of the most popular custom surfacing products we manufacture include numerous types of artificial turf for interactive games, synthetic grass mats, surface logos, and even raised domes using soft fall or artificial turf. These innovative items prove amongst the most popular surfacing solutions for educational institutions. They are simply ideal when incorporated into new playground builds or play area upgrades, and used within sporting areas and ovals. 

We have some standard designs available, such as hopscotch, and snakes and ladders, but we can also custom-make almost any type of artificial interactive turf surfacing games in endless colour combinations and configurations. Our commercial clients can request their business branding or school emblem, to be created in various vibrant artificial turf colours. Whether the logo is simple or complex, we shall deliver. 

As for the overlocking turf mats, these create a perfect finish. As with all our products, they are also available in a range of colours and custom designs and patterns, and if required, they can be ordered to fit a specific size area and can be made into unusual shapes. They make for ideal door mats, camping mats, welcome mats and so on. 

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Enviro Surface Solutions custom made surfacing products

Why Choose our Custom-Made Surfacing Products?

The great advantage of our custom-manufactured surfacing solutions is that they create a fully functional, interactive play area. No longer do educators and other staff have to cart bulky play equipment out of storage, unpack it and set it up, and then put it away again at the end of the day. The time savings are immense over the long-term, freeing staff up to attend to other matters. 

Take the game hopscotch as an example. The hopscotch shape outlines are installed securely onto the existing surface, or incorporated into the design of a new yard or exterior renovation. The same applies to snakes and ladders – the entire artificial turf ‘board’ is installed straight onto the existing surface, or as part of a yard or school oval revamp, or brand-new play area build. 

Rain, hail or shine, the surface games withstand the weather, and are always ready to play, at any time of day.

The custom-made rubber soft fall domes can be created in any size, design and colour combination required. We can create soccer ball domes, tennis ball domes, multi-coloured domes, logo domes and anything in-between. They can be used as lunch area seating, playground seating, and for other seating applications. And, when it comes to play, when placed correctly, they can be used as jumping domes for children to jump from one to another, as well as, used as climbing features on sloped playground surfaces, and for other play applications.

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The Options are Endless

Whether you want numbers, letters, words, the full alphabet, circle, squares and other shapes, animal patterns, other patterns, or anything else you can think of, it can all be made in our manufacturing warehouse in Coolum, on the Sunshine Coast, using artificial turf or rubber soft fall, or a combination of the two materials to create a sport or play area like no other. 

Protective pads and pavers are just some of the other surfacing options you may wish to include in your unique, or unusual, surfacing installation project.

Contact us today to request a free no obligation quote, or to ask any questions you may have about our custom products and manufacturing capabilities.


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What our Clients Say

Damien thanks for the prompt service and quality outcome for the play land surface at McDonald’s Kuluin. Your company was a pleasure to deal with. The job started and finished when you said it would, as well as leaving the surrounding areas clean and organized. The impact on the trading business was minimal. Thanks again for a professional job."

Gary Binet (Owner McDonald’s Kuluin)

Thanks for the fantastic job you did at our centre – it far exceeded our expectations! The kids are having a fabulous time using the rubber bike track and the grassed fairy garden. I love the extra safety features of covering concrete edges. Thanks again for your dedication!!! What an improvement!”


Your professional advice and subsequent successful solving of a difficult drainage problem in our backyard is very much appreciated. Recent heavy rain has proven how successful your knowledge, planning and eye for detail has been. Not only have you rectified a drainage problem but also created a landscaped area with concrete paths, artificial turf and garden beds which have all improved the quality of our lives and our property. With many thanks."